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What do you say to a grieving child???

Throughout my career, while serving as both a pastor and bereavement specialist, I have helped support thousands of families who were mourning the death of precious loved ones. Sadly, the grief dynamic in most of those families was one of isolation and silence.

This silence isn’t surprising. It’s just so, so difficult to talk about death and the pain of grief.   Most adults don’t feel comfortable talking with another grownup about death or grief. The thought of trying to speak with and comfort a child whose dearly loved parent, grandparent, sibling or friend has died leaves us even more bewildered.

My purpose in creating MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL FOR KIDS was to provide a technologically advanced tool that would help adults–in a private, secure environment–spark warm conversations with their grieving children. Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, or any adult responsible for the care of a grieving child will find the app easy to use.