Mourning the death of a loved one is both personal and sacred. While it is healthy for us to share our grief with others, we alone should decide when we share and with whom. We have all see the incredible pain caused when hackers invade someone’s privacy. The results are painful.
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  • The app IS NOT INTENDED to be used by children without the help of their caregiving adults.
  • Download and use of the application should be done under the supervision of a caregiving adult.
  • Adult Users should assist in creation of Child User accounts.
  • Adult User privacy options are hidden behind a ‘Parent Gate.’
  • Adult Users are given an option to save all user-created data to their iCloud account. This option is located behind the ‘Parent Gate.’


Works Without Internet: The app does not require an Internet connection to work. It does not by default enable any Communication or connection to the Internet.

No Web Browsing: There are no opportunities given for web browsing.

No Personal Information: The app does not collect personal information. No data will be automatically transferred to or captured by the web.

No Anonymous info:The app does not include analytics nor collect anonymous usage information.
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The purpose of MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL FOR KIDS is to help adults spark warm and meaningful conversations with their grieving children about a loved one who has died.

Use of this app is not a substitute for counseling or therapy, and is not intended to replace seeking help from a trained health professional.