Privacy Policy

Collects No Personal Information:  MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL FOR KIDS (MGGJ) does not collect personal information from users or their devices. No user data can be automatically transferred to or captured by us.

  1. Does not enable any communication or connection to the Internet.
  2. Does not collect personal data and cannot share personal data.
  3. Does not include analytics either by the developer or any third-party.
  4. Does not include advertisements from either the developer or any third-party.
  5. Does not collect any user or device data.
  6. Does not include social network integration.
  7. Users have the option of saving app data to their private ‘iCloud Storage’ account.

No Anonymous User Information Collected:   MGGJ does not include mechanisms that allow us to analyze or collect anonymous usage information.

Fully Functional Without Internet Connection: Once downloaded, MGGJ does not require an internet connection in order to work. It does not, by default, enable any communication or connection to the internet.

No Web Browsing: There are no mechanisms for web browsing from within MGGJ.

In-App Purchases: MGGJ includes one In-App Purchase, a “Full-App Unlock.”

Complies With Apple® Privacy Policy:  Master’s Apps Privacy Policy complies with the Privacy Policy of Apple® iOS Distribution Platform.