• 1 HELPS ADULTS BREAK THE ICE in knowing what to say to a child after the death of a precious loved one or dear friend.
    • The 20 activities found in the ‘Remembering’ pages of the app provide natural, non-threatening gateways to conversation.
  • 2 HELPS START ENGAGING CONVERSATIONS between grieving children and their adults.
    • The app IS NOT INTENDED to be used by children without the help of their caregiving adults.
  • 3 HELPS CHILDREN REMEMBER the precious treasure that was and is their loved one.
    • The risk is not that their deceased loved one will be forgotten.
    • The 20 guided ‘Remembering’ activities will help keep his or her memory alive now.
  • 4 Gently nudges child and adult users to PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR GRIEF together.
    • One misconception about grief is the belief that ‘If I ignore it it will go away.‘
    • Grief ignored usually is grief delayed. Instead of being lessened, delayed grief may result in a person’s sorrow being extended and multiplied.
    • Some who avoid reminders of their loved one’s life and death have difficulty moving forward to a place where life is good again.
  • 5 HELPS CHILDREN (and their adults) EXPRESS EMOTIONS in ways that feel safe.
    • The activities are designed to be a pleasant pathway by which children and their adults may share their own memories, thoughts and feelings with each other.
  • 6 HELPS REDUCE FEELINGS OF ISOLATION that so often cloak children and families who are mourning.
    • In many families death is a ‘taboo’ subject. Children quickly learn, “We just don’t talk about it!” One result is children feel alone in their grief.
    • When an adult introduces MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL to a child he or she is liberated from the ‘taboo’ and has been given permission to talk about their memories, thoughts and feelings.
  • 7 Looking back on recorded memories can give a person a SENSE OF MAKING PROGRESS in their journey along a pathway that has been overshadowed by death.