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Since you have ‘clicked-through’ to our MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL FOR KIDS site, it is likely that you, your family or someone else who is dear to you, has recently been touched by a loved one’s death.

For eight years I was privileged to serve as a hospice Bereavement Services Coordinator. In that time our amazing team of caring health professionals supported thousands of families as they mourned their precious loved ones.

I observed how many families suffered their grief in silence. Individuals worked to protect other family members from pain. There seemed to be a deep-seeded and unspoken fear that “something I say may cause you to hurt more.” The effect of this anxiety would then keep one from sharing their private pain with another.

This protective instinct was particularly strong between parents and their children. Regardless of the age of the parent or the child each was hesitant to do or say anything that might cause the other emotional pain.

When young children were a part of the family’s grief dynamic the silence was even louder.

Most adults don’t feel comfortable talking with another adult about death, dying, grief or mourning. We don’t know what to say nor how to say it.

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labREDUX-LABS, LLC has has done all the iOS programming for MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL FOR KIDS.  Headed by Adrian Crutchfield, Redux-Labs works to provide an on-time/on budget development experience.

As a consulting firm, Redux-Labs follows the SDLC model, supporting development throughout its complete life cycle.  Whether doing Front-end Developement (iPhone/iPad/Mac), Middle-ware (API) or Backend (Database) technologies they are, indeed, a “One Stop Shop” for turning ideas into reality.

We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Adrian and his team.  Their integrity, professionalism, creative thinking, and personable communication have made the project a joy.

femaleGIORGIA ISACCHI is an illustrator and graphic designer from Milan, Italy.   She has a great passion for combining her imagination and design skills to create art that brings joy to children’s heart.

In addition to extensive freelance work Giorgia has contributed her talent to the creation of dozens of children’s books and coloring books.

Giorgia first joined our team when we were looking for an artist to create ‘G.G. Parrot.’  Hers was one of dozens of designs we considered.  In the end, we chose Giorgia because of the sweet nature of her little bird and the excellent ‘customer service’ she provided.