My Good Grief Journal for Kids

An iPad app for grieving children

MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL FOR KIDS is created for children who have had a precious loved one or dear friend die. This tool is also designed for use by parents and other adults responsible for the care of children who grieve.

After the death of a dear loved one or friend families often choose to suffer grief in silence. Each person labors to protect others from pain. A fear that “something I say may cause more pain for you,” results in an icy stillness in the home.

This protective instinct is particularly active between parents and their children. Regardless of age, each is hesitant to do or say anything that might cause an emotional response from the other.

The silence is even louder when young children are a part of a family’s grief dynamic.  Adults often don’t know what to say to their kids and fear saying the wrong thing.  Whether from fear or inability, children can also find it difficult to give expression to their grief.

The purpose of MY GOOD GRIEF JOURNAL FOR KIDS is to help adults–in a private, secure environment–spark warm conversations with their grieving children about a loved one who has died. The app will also help create a lasting treasure chest of a child’s memories, thoughts and feelings about their deceased loved one.